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5-Day Immersive | Authoring Multiple World-class Books in Half the Time




Coming Up on 4th Jan to 8th Jan 2023 – Seats filling up fast….


Why authoring multiple books

“What is the legacy that you are creating for your kids, spouses, and family? Would you want them to remember you as an employee of a company X, which might not exist several years from now?” The greatest legacy you can leave behind is by translating your life’s wisdom and work into a book or series of books. Imagine writing not just one book, but leaving a legacy with multiple books on the topic that you adore or are passionate about.
💥 What if you could create 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗳𝗶𝗿𝘀𝘁 𝘄𝗼𝗿𝗹𝗱-𝗰𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘀 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 that you could proudly show it to YOUR SON, DAUGHTER, MOTHER, FATHER, OR SPOUSE to allow you time and encouragement to complete this best work of your life?
💥 What if you could learn to create that 𝗺𝗲𝗺𝗼𝗿𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸 or multiple books which are authentic, thoughtful, and professionally written?
💥 What if you could learn to create that 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹-𝗹𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗹 𝗯𝗼𝗼𝗸s that are publish-ready and worthy of review by leading publishers?
Imagine writing that yourself, with your mind, your soul, and your fingers – containing your life’s experience in your words. Imagine authoring multiple books you can proudly show to your family. Imagine creating not just one book but a  collection of books proving your unmatchable authority in your space.
  • Do you aspire to be a memorable, world-class author right from your first book?
  • Do you want to feel special about what you create or deliver in your first book or a series of books?
  • Do you want to establish yourself as an authentic authority with your first book?
  • Do you want highly targeted coaching on the exact path to follow?
  • Do you want to cut short your journey of being an author of a book series or multiple books in several different genres in half?
If yes, then this 5-day immersive program is for you. This is specially designed for those who are tired of book-writing coaches who mushroomed overnight on social media. You don’t want that cheap self-published books. You want someone who can put you on the right path to achieve world-class authority strategically by leveraging a series of books. You want someone who can help you produce that proud-worthy book series at an accelerated rate. If that is the dream you hold, then this 5-day immersive program is for you.
This program is the hard-earned experience of Dr Raman K Attri, distilled from thousands of iterations, mistakes, refinements, and feedback cycles he has gone through while writing over 20 world-class, research-based books. Get coached by him not only to master complete book development strategies but to master his secrets of “speed” in saving 50% of the time in your journey towards being a world-class multi-book author.


Unique immersive experience

‘DO WITH ME’ EXPERIENCE: Work with me with an unmatchable 5-day immersive experience (in-person or virtual), where I will demonstrate powerful proven strategies to help you “unlearn” years of baggage and get you to take a fresh approach that will speed up your transformation. ​
YOUR CONTEXT, YOUR GOALS: Bring your projects, goals, and challenges to use during the immersive experience and walk out with real, tangible outcomes directly applicable to your context. ​
INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: Seats are limited to 20 participants per experience. Get more personalized attention and get deeply involved to learn solutions to your specific challenges. ​
5-DAY INTENSE IMMERSION: Each day is dedicated to a specific set of skills and outcomes to shorten your time to mastery in a way that you can experience real outcomes by the end of each day. ​
1-DAY STRATEGY FOLLOW-UP: Get practical feedback and stay on the momentum by presenting your implementation plans, wins, and challenges during a full-day strategy presentation 3 months after the 5-day event.​
MONEY-BACK ASSURANCE: Invest risk-free with money-back assurance if you don’t walk out with promised transformation, results, or skills. ​
BY APPLICATION ONLY: Your $$ won’t get you into this application-based program. You can be part of the 20 special ones only by applying and demonstrating your seriousness, ownership, drive, and commitment to follow a rigorous curriculum. Not everyone gets selected. ​
QUALITY EXPERT COMMUNITY: Not ‘everyone-and-anyone-crowd. You will be learning and working with expert learners and experts who have been hand-picked just like you through criteria-based selection. You would receive a mutually reinforcing ecosystem, a highly engaging community, and support throughout the journey.​
GET CERTIFIED CREDENTIALS: Get certified as a ‘speed-savvy’ leader with GetThereFaster credentials. You will get to see the entire certification path beforehand and decide your options upfront, instead of surprise funnels or sales pitches to lure you into expensive upsells.​

Learning Outcomes

This 5-day immersive event is your rare, one-time opportunity to get unconventional wisdom from Dr Raman K Attri, an international author of 20+ world-class, research-based booksLearn the exact same system, tools, and thought process that he used to create 23 professional-grade books displayed in over 1000 international libraries.
  • Know the difference in approach for creating one book vs a book series or book collection
  • How authority vs authorship works in the market
  • Identify, clarify and document your one disruptive idea
  • Total path to develop, write and publish the first book of the series
  • Break your main idea into a book series roadmap
  • Strategize your positioning of multiple books in your niche
  • Align your book titles, and scopes with your intended authority goals
  • Develop and create a book (not writing)
  • Capture and organize millions of ideas and thoughts
  • Convert your development into world-class writing
  • Content research and increasing authenticity
  • Avoid a low-quality, self-publishing trap and get your books into international libraries
  • Leverage external research and writings in your books
  • Different tools, resources, and software for creating and developing books
  • Different routes for review, editing, formatting and finally publishing your book series

Dr Philip MerryBlown away by the training session
[I am] just blown away. I think you’ve answered a lot of my questions. It was A to Z of how to do this [book development and writing]. But some really, really good practical tips involved. You kind of changed my whole concept of a book. Because for me the books got to be comprehensive. It’s got to have everything. Particularly, mine’s a totally unique topic, which is synchronicity. And I’m the only person in the world who has done a Ph.D. So my whole approach is, it’s got to be the best, it’s got to contain everything. Your line [that] I got seven books out of my Ph.D. – I think [that] is my biggest takeaway. I really can’t thank you enough for me. It was superb!!
Dr Philip Merry,
Founder/CEO and World Synchronicity Leader, 



You will learn a complete 10-step start-to-end process and walk through the thinking process, tools, and resources that you can put into action to become a world-class, proud-worthy international author of not just one book but multiple books that you help you design your roadmap for niche thought leadership. You will walk out with:

✅ In-depth understanding of the total journey to create a memorable book

✅ A complete start-to-end development, writing, and publishing process

✅ Proven tools, software, resources, platforms, and frameworks

✅ Decision-making system to identify your niche, topic, and title for the first book

✅ Tools for organizing your abundance of ideas and thoughts

✅ Criteria-driven approach to choosing the most appropriate routes for publishing

✅ Techniques to cut short your authorship journey in half

3 months after the main event, a 1-day strategy presentation event will ensure that you don’t fall into the trap of quick, ordinary, self-published books. Rather, you continue to create professional quality, international books which even the leading traditional publishers would love to review. In the end, you will walk out with a step-by-step approach to create your FIRST BOOK OR FIRST BOOK SERIES which are: 








Daily Agenda

Day 1: Scoping book series roadmap

Day 2: blueprinting product design

Day 3: Multiplying content development

Day 4: Strategizing book production

Day 5: Promoting niche positioning 


Certified as a World-class Author

5-day intensive immersive event is followed by a 1-day strategy check-in event (included in the price), attending which you will be certified as XCELERATED WORLD-CLASS AUTHOR by GetThereFaster.

Xcelerated World-class Author Journey Map (1)

Shrifah AlqudsyMind-blowing Training Session
It really shifts the way I think now, in a very short while that hearing from you. It’s like [an] iteration process [which] I can relate to that very much. And suddenly the burden, the feeling of overwhelm is slowly dissipating, actually. So thank you very much. I just want to say that this [training session] is mind-blowing. From the beginning, the philosophy [you shared] really changed the way I see book writing.
Sharifah R Alqudsy,
Executive Leadership Coach, 


Who this event is for

This program is for highly experienced executives, coaches, speakers, professionals, practitioners, managers, and leaders who are aspiring to be first-time authors or aspire to write several books on a wide range of topics. It is for those who want to translate their hard-earned wisdom into a world-class, memorable book. This program is transformational and unparalleled for you if you have never written a large piece of publish-worthy text before, but you want a world-class coach to work with.

  • Experienced professionals
  • Executives
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Leaders
  • Thought leaders
  • Domain or topic experts
  • A senior manager or director

Sriman VenketesanIt was an Informative Session
“Raman’s session was extremely valuable and informative. Raman is a prolific author and a multifaceted professional (scientist, corporate leader, thought leader, and so on – to name a few). This session had a lot of very specific and useful takeaways for aspiring authors. It is proof of Raman’s love of learning that he has taken the time to share his expertise freely with others.”
Sriman Venkatesan,
Global Learning and Development Manager,



5 days, physical/in-person, venue TBD (a virtual version of the event is also scheduled separately)



  • Bonus #1: Access to the video replays of all the sessions for a limited time
  • Bonus #2: A printed replica of the workbook containing all slides, resources, videos, and templates
  • Bonus #3: Post-workshop 1-day strategy session 3 months after the workshop and Q&A with Dr. Raman
  • Bonus #4: Get an account and membership at the learning portal to access discounted online courses and master classes
  • Bonus #5: Virtually attend the same 5-day event in the future at no cost
  • Bonus #6: Learn from Dr. Raman’s weekly e-mail tips
  • Bonus #7: Qualify for stage 1 of Dr. Raman’s selective 6-months signature mentoring or coaching program


A short of Skills and Insights You Will Acquire

  • How to develop and write a series of pride-worthy books in half the time and become a world-class author
  • How to move up from an idea of a book to an idea of a series of books
  • How to identify the idea and scope of your first book for a world-class success
  • How to build & design the entire brand, mission, or movement around your book
  • How to develop your book entirely before you pen down a single word
  • How to develop or write multiple books simultaneously in half the total time
  • 5 strategies for finishing up your pride-worthy book at 2x speed
  • How to build the blueprints for your next 10 books in less than one hour
  • How to transform your book into branded training/coaching products faster
  • How to convert your speeches and talks to build a sought-after book
  • How to create high-quality self-published books that can find a place at major international libraries
  • How to write several books at the same time without compromising on quality
  • How to conduct thorough research in a shorter time to develop a credible book
  • How to become a multi-genre author successfully at a lightning speed
  • How to leverage your training programs and presentations to develop a series of branded books
  • How to design and set up a podcast that can convert into a highly credible book

Dr Lakshmi RamachandranBlown-away by Amazing workshop
I was blown away by Dr Raman’s online webinar on writing and publishing a book. His ideas and methods challenge the general notion of book writing. This totally resonated with me. As an author of 18+ books, Dr. Raman shared top secrets from his book writing philosophy to tools. What differentiates him is both breadth and depth in knowledge. His presentation was not only rich in valuable information and insights, but also inspiration and motivation!
Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran,
Senior Program Manager, 



Usual price: $4999, going at a special price: $1999 (for a limited period)



If by the end of the event, you feel that this workshop did not create the transformation that was promised to you or under-delivered the promises, you can claim a refund. No questions asked, you just have to post it on social media with your feedback and affirm receiving the refund. Let the world know what they should not invest in.

Still not sure? Watch a preview of unconventional strategies you will get


Dr Raman K Attri is the world’s #1 authority on the science of speed in professional and organizational settings. He is the world’s only professional speaker speaking on the topic of the science of speed. He is the author of 23 multi-genre books. As a performance scientist, he has been recognized as one of the leading ‘Transformational Business Leaders’ of 2022. He was named as one of the ‘Global 500 Leaders’ of 2021, alongside stellar leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, and Jay Shetty, to name a few. He has made his space as a true accelerated learning guru, earning over 100 international credentials and degrees, including two doctorates in the learning domain, apart from some of the world’s highest certifications. A corporate business manager, he has been featured and cited in over 125 media features in TV/radio shows, magazines, podcasts, and forums.

Ian MaxwellShowed Exact Recipe to Write a Book
“Dr Raman gave us a truly insightful and engaging session on how to write and publish a book. Not only did he share with the audience “what” you need to do, he showed us “how” to do. Possibly the most valuable conference session I have participated in. Thank you Raman.”
Ian Maxwell,
CEO and Founder, WeCanCook


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5-Day Immersive | Authoring Multiple World-class Books in Half the Time


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