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Coming Up on 11th Jan to 15th Jan 2023 – Seats filling up fast….

Why becoming a high achiever

In today’s overcrowded market, you have no choice but to compete with millions of other professionals who have equally better skills, resources, and positioning than you have. In that competitive space, how do you differentiate yourself from the crowd to stand out as someone unique?

This 5-day transformational training will stand you out in your space as a high achiever, high performer, and top-notch leader who has attained world-class credentials, accumulated a massive amount of achievements, attained multiple milestones successfully, delivered outstanding results, and has pushed the boundaries of professional performance even higher. Not only that, this training will help you attain that status in the shortest possible time so that you can stay ahead of the other competent achievers in your ecosystem. In this powerful 5-day event, you will learn breakthrough, transformational, proven, research-based, science-based strategies to speed up your learning, mastery, authority, productivity, and leadership by 2x, helping you become a high achiever at an accelerated rate, cut short your journey in half, and improve your success by 200%. This in-depth 5-day event packs mind-blowing strategies to help you become a high achiever performer and leader by mastering 5 tracks namely mindset transformation, professional mastery, productivity and efficiency, expert authority, and leadership. You will walk out with a transformed mindset and strategies to learn faster, become highly productive, develop unmatchable authority in your space and leave a memorable legacy. 5-day unparalleled and unmatchable experience comes with the level of rigor, intensity, depth, and breadth you probably would not see in any other personal transformation or professional development program you ever attended.

Unique immersive experience

‘DO WITH ME’ EXPERIENCE: Work with me with an unmatchable 5-day immersive experience (in-person or virtual), where I will demonstrate powerful proven strategies to help you “unlearn” years of baggage and get you to take a fresh approach that will speed up your transformation. ​
YOUR CONTEXT, YOUR GOALS: Bring your projects, goals, and challenges to use during the immersive experience and walk out with real, tangible outcomes directly applicable to your context. ​
INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: Seats are limited to 20 participants per experience. Get more personalized attention and get deeply involved to learn solutions to your specific challenges. ​
5-DAY INTENSE IMMERSION: Each day is dedicated to a specific set of skills and outcomes to shorten your time to mastery in a way that you can experience real outcomes by the end of each day. ​
1-DAY STRATEGY FOLLOW-UP: Get practical feedback and stay on the momentum by presenting your implementation plans, wins, and challenges during a full-day strategy presentation 3 months after the 5-day event.​
MONEY-BACK ASSURANCE: Invest risk-free with money-back assurance if you don’t walk out with promised transformation, results, or skills. ​
BY APPLICATION ONLY: Your $$ won’t get you into this application-based program. You can be part of the 20 special ones only by applying and demonstrating your seriousness, ownership, drive, and commitment to follow a rigorous curriculum. Not everyone gets selected. ​
QUALITY EXPERT COMMUNITY: Not ‘everyone-and-anyone-crowd. You will be learning and working with expert learners and experts who have been hand-picked just like you through criteria-based selection. You would receive a mutually reinforcing ecosystem, a highly engaging community, and support throughout the journey.​
GET CERTIFIED CREDENTIALS: Get certified as a ‘speed-savvy’ leader with GetThereFaster credentials. You will get to see the entire certification path beforehand and decide your options upfront, instead of surprise funnels or sales pitches to lure you into expensive upsells.​

You break the cast around people’s mindsLes Brown

I think it was powerful and I love how you made your liability your asset. And positioned it in a way that other people can look at it and get value from it. Thank you so much for the work that you are doing. And for helping people to break the ‘cast around their minds’. And soar to new rights. And change the planet to be a better place.  The world is a better place because you are born. Thank you very much, my brother.

Les Brown


Day 1: High Achiever MINDSET Accelerated

Transform Your Mindset for Personal Excellence at 2x speed

Every human being strives for true personal excellence beyond simply learning, performance or mastery. True excellence only comes when you build the mindset of surpassing your standards of yesterday. That mindset of personal excellence is key to transforming yourself at an accelerated rate and being your best version. If you have been indoctrinated with statements like “change is constant,” then day #1 is for you which will teach you how to change your life without changing yourself. You will learn breakthrough strategies to explore five-dimensional clarity about your values, identity, goals, and drives required to over-accelerate your success. You will learn a powerful method of “resonance” to align your inner and outer forces. You will undergo analytic exercises to identify all dimensions of your personality and then you will learn authentic, research-based techniques to align, synthesize and leverage every dimension of your personality to multiply your speed by several folds. Day #1 will open you up to truly identify yourself in and out and leverage every bit of your personality including your limitations, weaknesses, scarcities, or even negative traits to open up new windows of opportunities and move toward the desired success at a much faster rate. This day is especially transformative for you if you want to be a difference-making leader but you feel trapped in thinking that your adversities, limitations, or hardships make you less than others. You will walk out with a powerful mindset to speed up your personal transformation to surpass yourself and make an impact on the world using whatever you have.

  1. How to speed up your transformation process
  2. How to seek the right kind of clarity to accelerate your path
  3. Develop unwavering 5-dimensional clarity in your life
  4. Identify multiple dimensions of your personality
  5. Integrate and synthesize your values, drivers, goals, and motives
  6. Identify your limitations of any kind as your differentiation
  7. Strategize your limitations or lacks to speed up your headstart
  8. Create peak resonance between your inner and outer personality
  9. Design your roadmap for personal excellence and impact making
  10. Define your speed milestones in your personal and professional journeys

Day 2: High Achiever LEARNING Accelerated

Speed Up Your Professional Learning and Mastery by 2x

Your professional success is linked to the depth and breadth of your professional mastery. You know that you need to learn faster and master new solutions, new strategies, new skills, new technologies, new situations, and new jobs at the speed of business. You tried all methods but still, you get overwhelmed by the number of things you need to learn and master in a short period. Learning faster is no longer a nice-to-have skill. In the fast-paced world, it is a must-have skill. Learning for accelerated professional mastery in your job, business or career requires a different set of strategies. If you ever wished that you had a magic button that you could press and you could learn any professional skill at lightning speed, then day #2 of the event will hand over that magic button to you. You will learn never-seen-before but proven strategies from research, to truly accelerate your learning in the professional world. By mastering the skill of “speed” in the personal and professional world, you can super-accelerate your professional success.

  1. Understand and practice the science of learning faster
  2. Identify ways to measure your learning speed
  3. How to develop the ability to learn faster instantly 
  4. Identify and eliminate the roadblocks slowing you down
  5. Adopt powerful proven strategies to speed up your learning curve
  6. Set goals for speed of professional learning and mastery
  7. Learn any skill in any domain at 2x speed
  8. Master your profession or job in half the time
  9. Improve your learning by 200% at the same time
  10. Leverage the ability to learn faster strategically to stay competitive

Day 3: High Achiever PRODUCTIVITY Accelerated

Improve Your High Achieving Productivity and Efficiency by 200%

Being productive or efficient in the traditional sense of finishing more tasks in a shorter time will not make you stand as a differentiated performer. You have practiced all possible time management, priority management, and task management strategies but those have not given you an edge on long-term speed in your career. If that’s the challenge you have, then day #3 is for you. You need to learn beyond basic techniques of time management and priority management to become a differentiated high achiever leader at an accelerated rate. On Day #3, you will be exposed to some breakthrough strategies from research that will enable you to draw the maximum value from your time instead of trying to manage the time. You will learn the science of speed and time to increase your productivity and improvement by 200%. You will learn the secrets of achieving a massive number of milestones, completing tons of projects, and accomplishing several things in the shorter possible time. You will learn the mindset of staying cool and appearing in no mad rush while delivering outcomes and results at a massive speed. 

  1. Learn the science of productivity, efficiency, and speed
  2. Get more done in less time
  3. Use multidimensional streams to multiply your speed
  4. Set your goals correctively to achieve more in less time
  5. Breaking the myths of focus and multitasking
  6. Practice the “first-time-right” outcomes
  7. Draw maximum value out of your time
  8. Adopt an effortless time management
  9. Develop short-term and long-term roadmaps
  10. Handle multiple things when priorities and timelines are changing rapidly

Day 4: High Achiever AUTHORITY Accelerated

Build Your Expert Authority at 2x Speed

On day #4, you will embark on mastering the science of the “Authority Acceleration Model” and walk out with strategies, methods, and frameworks to establish yourself as a world-class expert authority in your niche. You will learn how to gain utmost clarity about the space in which you operate and then use that understanding to speed up the process of identifying your professional niche. Day #4 will help you break your glass ceilings. You will learn proven strategies to become a world-class, recognized, standout, highly-credentialed authority in your niche. By implementing strategies and practices taught in this program, you will become an expert authority who holds the potential to make a larger impact within your professional space. 

  1. Understand the true meaning of professional authority
  2. Science of 3-step professional authority model
  3. 5E framework to identify your niche
  4. Measure your current authority level
  5. Speed up building yourself as an authority
  6. Get known as a top-notch authority

Day 5: High Achiever LEADERSHIP Accelerated

Achieve Your Leadership Legacy in Half the time

On day #5, you will embark on mastering your personal and professional leadership. You will identify your personal leadership philosophies and truly identify how you should leverage your deeply rooted leadership traits. You will learn proven strategies to become a world-class thought leader in your niche. You will walk out with insights and frameworks to establish yourself as a high achiever leader in your niche. By implementing strategies and practices taught in this program, you will make a larger difference in society and leave a memorable legacy. Day #5 will charter your path to become highly visible within your own organization and accelerate your career progression at lightning speed. This is your once-in-lifetime opportunity to transform your mindset at an accelerated rate and get known as a great thought leader in your space. 

  1. Identify and live with your personal leadership philosophy
  2. Carve the path to world-class thought leadership
  3. Over-accelerate your world-class thought leadership path
  4. Strategic approaches used by world-class leaders
  5. Methods and thinking processes to avoid the corporate leadership trap 
  6. Establish your authenticity and visibility within and outside your organization

Certified as a High Achiever Leader

5-day intensive immersive event is followed by a 1-day strategy check-in event (included in the price), attending which you will be certified as XCELERATED HIGH ACHIEVER by GetThereFaster. 

Xcelerated High Achiever Journey(1)

Who this event is for

  • Experienced professionals
  • Executives
  • Speakers
  • Coaches
  • Trainers
  • Leaders
  • Thought leaders
  • Domain or topic experts
  • A working professional
  • A front-line or middle manager

  • A senior manager or director


5 days, physical/in-person, venue TBD (a virtual version of the event is also scheduled separately)


  • Bonus #1: Access to the video replays of all the sessions for a limited time
  • Bonus #2: A printed replica of the workbook containing all slides, resources, videos, and templates
  • Bonus #3: Post-workshop 1-day strategy session 3 months after the workshop and Q&A with Dr. Raman
  • Bonus #4: Get an account and membership at the learning portal to access discounted online courses and master classes
  • Bonus #5: Virtually attend the same 5-day event in the future at no cost
  • Bonus #6: Learn from Dr. Raman’s weekly e-mail tips
  • Bonus #7: Qualify for stage 1 of Dr. Raman’s selective 6-months signature mentoring or coaching program

A short of Skills and Insights You Will Acquire

  • How to accelerate the transformation of your mindset and achieve world-class excellence at 2x speed
  • How to develop 5-dimensional clarity to ‘over-accelerate’ your success​
  • How to transform your limitations into differentiators at a ‘faster’ rate​
  • How to change your life at a much ‘faster’ speed without changing yourself​
  • How to create resonance in your life to attain excellence at a ‘faster’ speed​
  • How to develop the multidimensional mindset to ‘shorten’ oath to your goals​
  • How to use your weaknesses as ‘speed’ head-start in achieving anything
  • How to become an impact-maker in this world ‘sooner’ with your imperfections
  • How to quickly get unstuck out of your crisis, adversity, or hardships
  • How to accelerate finding the windows of opportunities amidst the walls of limitations
  • How to resonate with the personal and professional worlds earlier in your life
  • How to achieve excellence in your personal and professional worlds 2x faster
  • How to build your self-confidence at a lightning speed for any situation/challenge
  • How to improve your professional success by 200% by integrating multiple dimensions of your personality in your game plan
  • How to identify and use your natural weaknesses and strengths for building world-class authority at a 2x faster rate
  • How to design blueprints to achieve peak performance in anything in 50% less time
  • How to speed up the process of becoming a star performer in your job or profession
  • 5 strategies to learn anything faster at 2x speed in the professional world
  • 10 myths and mistakes that could sabotage the speed of learning at work
  • How to attain mastery in your profession, skills or business 2x faster
  • How to master the skill of ‘speed learning’ to ‘get there faster’
  • How to cut at least 50% time from your learning curve and be a super learner
  • How to stay focused on professional learning and define your mastery goals
  • How to strategically use your emotions, pressure & stress to speed up learning
  • How to speed up learning for professional mastery in your domain by 2x and attain world-class success
  • How to master a new domain with 200% improvement at a lightning speed
  • Forget speed reading and memory techniques: 10 bad practices you must avoid if you want to learn faster than others
  • How to save a large number of hours and dollars by speeding up your mastery process
  • How to demonstrate ‘speed learning skills’ to achieve faster progress in your career
  • How to use deliberate failures and emotional lading to learn faster at 2x speed
  • How to learn in half the time for your accelerated success in studies, examinations, or research projects
  • How to measure the speed of your learning, set learning goals, and fast-track your path
  • How to become 2x more productive and efficient in your job and accomplish 200% improvement
  • How to use the ‘thread’ technique to focus on multiple goals at the same time
  • How to leverage your ecosystem strategically to accomplish many things
  • How to achieve your milestones (like books, projects) in half the time
  • 5 secrets of doing work efficiently & faster while staying highly effective
  • How to use ‘sprint strategy’ to create 2x more deliverables at the same time
  • Understand the ‘science’ of efficiency and productivity in your profession
  • How to adopt the mindset of getting ‘first-time-right’ and not ‘first-time-fast’
  • 5 ways to avoid the ‘time management’ trap and use science for creating time
  • How to cut 100% of the wasteful time from your path using the lean sequence approach
  • How to increase your professional success by strategizing your speed, productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness
  • How to write several books at the same time without compromising on quality
  • How to identify and use resources and technologies to become highly efficient
  • How to avoid the work-life balance trap and use ‘work-life integration’ to achieve 2x more
  • How to leverage multiple dimensions of your personality to accomplish a massive amount of achievements in a shorter time
  • How to set your goals for ‘speed’ and productivity and achieve them faster


  • How to use ‘Authority Acceleration Framework’ to become a top-notch authority in your professional space
  • How to get your expertise seen as a highly visible authority in half the time
  • Sharpen your noteworthy ‘micro-niche’ in the market with the 5E framework
  • How to capture and convert your life’s wisdom into a world-class authority
  • How to strategically position your micro-niche to stay ahead
  • How to quickly differentiate your professional authority in your space
  • How to position yourself as an irresistible, sought-after product with unbeatable value in your market segment
  • How to quickly set yourself apart from the crowd as a highly visible expert, authority, and leader


  • How to avoid corporate leadership traps and define your personal leadership values
  • How to accelerate designing your world-class leadership blueprints
  • How to speed up your progression and promotions in your career at a 2x rate
  • How to ‘velocify’ your career and achieve your goals at a faster rate
  • How to shorten your path of transitioning to be an effective first-time manager
  • How to align your personal and professional worlds to accelerate your authority and leadership by 2x
  • How to get started with designing your authority and leadership blueprints
  • How to leverage multiple dimensions of your personality to shorten your leadership path


Usual price: $4999, going at a special price: $1999 (for a limited period)


If by the end of the event, you feel that this workshop did not create the transformation that was promised to you or under-delivered the promises, you can claim a refund. No questions asked, you just have to post it on social media with your feedback and affirm receiving the refund. Let the world know what they should not invest in. 


Dr Raman K Attri is the world’s #1 authority on the science of speed in professional and organizational settings. He is the world’s only professional speaker speaking on the topic of the science of speed. He is the author of 23 multi-genre books. As a performance scientist, he has been recognized as one of the leading ‘Transformational Business Leaders’ of 2022. He was named as one of the ‘Global 500 Leaders’ of 2021, alongside stellar leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, and Jay Shetty, to name a few. He has made his space as a true accelerated learning guru, earning over 100 international credentials and degrees, including two doctorates in the learning domain, apart from some of the world’s highest certifications. A corporate business manager, he has been featured and cited in over 125 media features in TV/radio shows, magazines, podcasts, and forums.

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5-Day Immersive | High Achiever Performer and Leader at 2X Speed


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5-Day Signature Training (zoom) | High Achiever Performer and Leader at 2X Speed
2023-01-11 10:00
360 Minutes
This in-depth 5-day event packs mind-blowing strategies to help you become a high achiever performer and leader by mastering 5 tracks namely mindset transformation, professional mastery, productivity and efficiency, authority and leadership, and finally wisdom authorship.