GetThereFaster™ Portal by Dr Raman K Attri

GetThereFaster™ Portal by Dr Raman K Attri

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We live in highly accelerated times where the speed of business creates massive pressure on individuals and businesses to stay ahead. As a leader, you need to learn faster. You need to adapt to changes rapidly. When you take a long time to learn and master new skills could delay the launch of new products, services, or solutions. Your capabilities alone are not the real differentiator in the marketplace anymore. The real differentiator now is “speed.” – the speed of developing mastery in new professional skills, rapidly improving your productivity and efficiency, and building your authority and leadership in a shorter time. The speed with which you develop yourself professionally and personally is the only devastating competitive weapon in this fast-moving world, both for professionals and organizations.


Now, you learn the science and art of becoming a world-class authority, expert, and influencer in a much shorter time. Dr Raman K Attri, the world’s leading authority and performance scientist on “speed,” brings two decades of research and experimentation on proven strategies to super speed up professional learning and mastery, secrets to becoming a star performer in any job or profession.

Come and join the launch of a unique portal GetThereFaster™ learning portal, where you can learn the strategies and secrets of “speeding up” your “X” in your personal and professional life. The “X” you want to master faster could be any of these things: Learning | Skills | Mastery | Authority | Leadership | Performance | Achievements | Progression | Productivity | Efficiency | Speed | Competitiveness | Transformation | Excellence | Authorship |


Learn about the 5 tracks of a truly unmatchable program and GetThereFaster™ system. Get powerful online training courses, intensive 1-1 coaching, and world-class group mentoring that will help you master the art and science of speeding up the path to mastery for yourself and others. Designed to shorten your time by 50%, help you achieve at 2x speed, and gain 200% improvement in the same time.

Learn the secrets to:

  • Adopt a winning mindset to increase your speed by 2X to attain personal excellence
  • Accelerate your learning and mastery of complex skills or jobs at double the speed of others
  • Improve your productivity and efficiency by 200% in the same or less time
  • Cut 50% time from building your expert authority and leadership
  • Develop your world-class authorship in half the time


Receive special gifts and walk out with a special discounted price on all courses and events, available only to attendees of this launch.

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GetThereFaster™ Portal by Dr Raman K Attri
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About Dr Raman K Attri

Dr Raman K Attri is the world’s #1 authority on the science of speed in professional and organizational settings. He is the world's only professional speaker speaking on the topic of the science of speed. He is the author of 23 multi-genre books. As a performance scientist, he has been recognized as one of the leading ‘Transformational Business Leaders’ of 2022. He was named as one of the ‘Global 500 Leaders’ of 2021, alongside stellar leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, and Jay Shetty, to name a few. He has made his space as a true accelerated learning guru, earning over 100 international credentials and degrees, including two doctorates in the learning domain, apart from some of the world’s highest certifications. A corporate business manager, he has been featured and cited in over 125 media features in TV/radio shows, magazines, podcasts, and forums.

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