C09: Accelerated Performance: How to be Seen as Proficient Performer in Your Job

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Accelerate Skills in Complex Situations Using Above Real-Time Situated Simulation

Why this course?

Have you ever wished to be seen as a highly reliable performer in your profession or business? Are you aware of what characteristics make you stand out as a highly proficient performer in the eyes of your managers or customers? If that’s the challenge you are facing, then this course is for you. In this course, you will learn how professional performance is viewed or measured by most organizations and how you can use that knowledge to produce the deliverables or outcomes for your job.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the stages of professional mastery
  • How to define professional proficiency in your job
  • How to be seen as a highly proficient performer in your work
  • How to be seen as a talented professional
  • How to be seen as a highly reliable performer


  • 20 minutes


This course is part of the “Get There Faster” Pathway >> Accelerated Learning and Professional Mastery Track


C9.1 How to be seen as a proficient performer in the workplace
C9.2 How to be seen as a truly talented person
C9.3 How to be seen as a high performer by delivering first-time-right speed

About Dr Raman K Attri

Dr Raman K Attri is the world’s #1 authority on the science of speed in professional and organizational settings. He is the world's only professional speaker speaking on the topic of the science of speed. He is the author of 23 multi-genre books. As a performance scientist, he has been recognized as one of the leading ‘Transformational Business Leaders’ of 2022. He was named as one of the ‘Global 500 Leaders’ of 2021, alongside stellar leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, and Jay Shetty, to name a few. He has made his space as a true accelerated learning guru, earning over 100 international credentials and degrees, including two doctorates in the learning domain, apart from some of the world’s highest certifications. A corporate business manager, he has been featured and cited in over 125 media features in TV/radio shows, magazines, podcasts, and forums.


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