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3 Ways Small Business Owners Develop Teams at a Faster Pace

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small business owner

If you are a small business owner, you may not be fully shielded from the ongoing talent shortage in the market. Unlike large corporations, you may not have the infrastructure, resources, and cash to sustain yourself. You need to be creative about handling their existing workforce and address talent acquisition challenges.

The talent acquisition and development challenges for small business owners

During the pandemic, I conducted research that showed that small business owners have three challenges.

  1. To hire a talented workforce at a faster rate.
  2. Bringing them up to speed faster than the competition.
  3. To enable current employees to master new skills and become proficient in never-seen-before technologies at a much higher rate.

If we separate the above challenge further, we have a sourcing challenge in hiring. That’s where most businesses hire underqualified employees or employees who are not fully proficient in what they are being hired into. That requires small business owners to address the second challenge to bring them up to speed on job expectations.

While the new workforce is not fully ready to perform the job they are expected to, business owners have no choice but to redevelop or reskill current employees. Sometimes, job redefinition of existing staff may even be required.

We can’t disagree that technologies and business requirements are moving so fast that the existing workforce needs to master new skills more quickly.

Small business owners can do three things to develop the workforce faster

In my book ‘Speed Matters,’ I highlighted that speed, undoubtedly, is the single most competitive advantage for businesses. The pandemic has forced even the best-in-class leaders to rethink how to enable employees to master new skills and new technologies in the shortest possible time. Ironically, small business owners and entrepreneurs are not prepared for or built for speed.

Based on my extensive research across 40 industries with 85 global leaders, I can recommend three areas to master to bring speed to your teams quickly without investing big dollars:

1.    Acquire performance support technologies that allow learning in the workflow.

Performance support systems have lately shown that they can speed up skill acquisition tremendously. Be strategic about what technologies to acquire, as not all technologies are built to bring speed to employee development. Small business owners need to invest wisely, and metrics like how a given technology helps speed up employee proficiency should be at the top of their list.

2.    Build a speed-enabling ecosystem.

The post-covid recoveries would need a strategic integration of managers, peers, teams, technologies, subject matter experts, and coaches to sync with each other to push for the speed of employee development. Research suggests that traditional training and learning do not seem to work.

3.    Highly accountable managers.

The whole delivery model for small businesses revolves around managers, but so little they invest in developing managers or teaching them the right behaviors. To build a speed-savvy culture, small business owners need their managers to take direct involvement in employee training, reinforce the learning with the correct assignments and then be accountable for the outcomes rather than tasks.

Getting There Faster

I would suggest small business owners think about their strategies to build a speed-enabling ecosystem around their teams if they want to stay ahead in their space.

Through two decades of extensive research, I have cracked the code of speeding up workplace learning and performance curve by 200% to allow teams and employees to master the required performance in half the time. Tune into GetThereFaster™ system at to learn how it can enable your staff to speed up their learning, performance, authority, and leadership in a much shorter time.

This article first appeared in Brains Magazine, available at this link:

About Dr Raman K Attri

Dr Raman K Attri is the world’s #1 authority on the science of speed in professional and organizational settings. He is the world's only professional speaker speaking on the topic of the science of speed. He is the author of 23 multi-genre books. As a performance scientist, he has been recognized as one of the leading ‘Transformational Business Leaders’ of 2022. He was named as one of the ‘Global 500 Leaders’ of 2021, alongside stellar leaders like Oprah Winfrey, Gary Vee, Jim Kwik, and Jay Shetty, to name a few. He has made his space as a true accelerated learning guru, earning over 100 international credentials and degrees, including two doctorates in the learning domain, apart from some of the world’s highest certifications. A corporate business manager, he has been featured and cited in over 125 media features in TV/radio shows, magazines, podcasts, and forums.

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